Alan Gilsenan docurmentary on Ivor Brown

Wednesday, September 06, 2017 2:56:00 AM
  1. If you're in Ireland and staying inside until the rain washes over, there is a beautiful documentary by Alan Gilsenan titled "Meeting With Ivor". It's on rte 1 at 10.40. I meant to share this yesterday to enable more of you to record it. It's about psychiatrist, musician, and much more, Ivor Browne, now nearing ninety.
    Browne is a pioneer of mental health matters in Ireland, with decades of work in every aspect of the field. A number of familiar faces appear in this quirky a...nd challenging cinematic portrait including Tommy Tiernan, Sebastian Barry, and Tom Murphy.
    They say "tell them something they know, something they don't know; make them laugh, make them cry. This does all four.
    Saw it several months ago and loved it. Raw, real, human. They also say, "show, don't tell." This is beautifully illustrated when, I think Gigli, sings. The bliss experienced by Tom Murphy''s entire body soaking up each sublime note as he listens with Ivor, is uplifting and a joy to watch.
    Brian Friel, who used music and song wonderfully and sparingly in his plays, described music as "intravenous emotion".
    Master musician Tony MacMahon, on listening to Seamus Ennis on uilleann pipes, said that he then realised that
    "music is magic and a spiritual experience that cannot be taught in any university. It is beyond that."
    Tom Murphy listening to Gigli said the same, without uttering a word.
    I recommend watching on player for the nexst three weeks.
    Well done, Ivor, Alan and all involved.

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